Schwager Haus Dates of Operation – We open each spring on the 15th of May and remains open until November 1st. The suggestions here are but a few of the endless opportunities awaiting you in ALASKA.


Visit Talkeetna

TALKEETNA is truly a great day trip. Only 30 miles north of SCHWAGER HAUS, TALKEETNA offers the best views of Mount McKinley. All McKinley expeditions originate from Talkeetna, it is a true Historical Marvel.

This is an experience you don’t want to miss with museums and laid-back Alaskan surroundings. The TV show ‘Northern Exposure” was filmed in TALKEETNA.

Hatchers Pass Day Trip

HATCHERS PASS is another great day trip. Starting just one mile north of SCHWAGER HAUS, you will traverse a beautiful mountain pass with stops at HATCHERS PASS Ski Area, Summit Lake and then on to Palmer, Alaska for shopping and cultural exploration. Palmer is the home of the world’s largest root vegetables and their own unique potatoes.

Visit Anchorage, Alaska

Downtown Anchorage is just 2 hours south of SCHWAGER HAUS. ANCHORAGE is the hub of Alaska. Shopping, cultural events, symphony, theater and the famous COOKS INLET; a must see while in Alaska. A day trip to ANCHORAGE needs to include shopping at the Alaskan Sausage Factory for a sample of their Reindeer Sausage.

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair begins the third week of August and ends on Labor Day. The Alaska State Fair is a must see event. Many side trips and day trips are awaiting you in the Mat-Su Valley and it’s surroundings.